2015 Running Season Recap

I was too busy living life in 2015 to commit to any big races.

I had a house to sell, a move to make, a wedding to plan, a honeymoon to take, families to blend—one’s plate can only be so full.

And I’m not big on excuses getting in the way of fitness. I always find the time. This was just on another level.

Running as an all-consuming hobby would have to move to the back burner.

My running buddy, who was also juggling other priorities, suggested I try a “less is more” training plan she had heard about.

Using this plan, I was able to run only 3 days a week, do all the stuff listed above, not stress for one second about times or goals, and just show up and run really decent times at all the races below, mostly in spring and fall/winter. I could get used to this.

  • Cupid’s Shuffle 10K
  • Women’s Run Pewaukee Half Marathon
  • First Call Half Marathon
  • Luna-Tics Trail Series 2015 13K
  • President’s Run 5K
  • The Elf Run 10K
  • Milwaukee’s Great Gobble Wobble 5K
  • Last Call Half Marathon




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