Race recap: Silver Circle Sports Events Frosty 5k 

“That has to be the lamest 5k course I’ve ever run,” I heard someone comment at the end of this race.

Held at Frame Park in Waukesha, the race, number 4 in Silver Circle Sports Events Chilly Willy running series, consisted of 2 loops around the river.

There’s no typo there–this was a LOOPED 5k.

That’s not quite as bad as running the 2-mile during indoor track season, and the river was scenic and lovely, but that loop still made us scratch our heads.

Can we blame Old Man Winter for the lack of clear running space?

The conditions were icy, and the path was very narrow–anyone gunning to be a winter speedster would have had to start at the absolute front of the pack. 

That was not me today.

A clawing kitten woke me up at 5 a.m. and I couldn’t fall back asleep so I got up and ran 9 miles on our treadmill before heading to Waukesha. At 20 degrees it was too cold outside for 9 miles (IMO-my foot bones start complaining about cold pavement at higher distances) but not terrible for a 5k.

Between my 9 on the treadmill and the 3.1 “race” I can call it good on the 12 mile run I was slated to do this weekend (targeting an April marathon).

Bathrooms were indoors and clean, lines were short, packet pickup took about 5 seconds, people were friendly (s/o to the adorable 8th grader who approached me and my running buddy to chat about our “running careers”), and parking was easy and close.

Notably absent was Silver Circle’s signature post race snack table (candy, fruit, etc.). Maybe Chiquita has the flu?!

I love how chill this company’s races are and I want them to succeed. But, I could have passed on this one. Or gone snowshoeing instead.

  Huge perk: how quickly they post the free race photos on Facebook for me to giggle at. (Me on right.)


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