Half or Full (Marathon)?

While I was training for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon this summer I predicted the post-marathon blues would hit me mid-October. I wanted my next challenge lined up before that happened.

Solution: sign up for a Colorado marathon in November. A super scenic, exciting one. Close to where family lives. Squee! Nieces to play with!!!!! Big-horn sheep to race!

Having two races on the calendar not only helps ease the post-race blues, it takes the pressure off race one. A backup plan. Might as well do two when you train for so long.


It seemed like a good idea.

The only problem is…

I can’t make myself run anymore.

In the two weeks since the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, I’ve run a few miles. Just a few. I head out the door in my running shoes and can’t do it.

No more long runs, please. I’m really, really done. Mentally done.

I will not carry fuel anymore, or listen to podcasts, or be gone running for three hours. I won’t do it.

And that’s ok! It’s a sign.

I logged a ton of miles this summer. If I pushed through, I’d probably get injured (very common rookie mistake).  It’s time to hang up the shoes, rest, and change focus.

I want to run like a normal person! I want to take 30-minute jogs. I want to go to the gym and lift weights. I want to take fitness classes.

I want to do those things until I’m good and sick of them, and then I’ll be ready to train for a race again.

So after much agonizing, wringing of hands, and opinion-gathering, I emailed the Colorado course director today and changed distances from full to half. And am back to being pumped about the race. Only another runner would understand why something so logical and simple was so damn difficult to decide.

Colorado, here I come!


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