Farewell, 2016 Running Season!

I’m done racing for 2016, other than a few potential 5Ks. I’m so happy  with what I accomplished this season (some 5Ks, 5 half marathons, and 1 full). I’m even happier to be taking a break this winter and am already planning my 2017 season.

That being said, here’s a photo recap of my year in running. So many ugly race photos. And some cats. Enjoy.


Ran the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, my first road marathon! 




Last race of the year, and my favorite—Rim Rock Run 2016 (11/5/16). Despite the fact that I look like I’m fake running with a fake smile, I love this photo. Look at that GD scenery! I’m so happy to go out on this note. Farewell, 2016 running season.
And last, but not least, to mark the end of the 2016 running season, I created this display for my medals from the last 2-3 years (and my new hat from my SIL). Yay!  For most of my life I’ve thrown my medals (too cluttery; wtf are you supposed to do with them? Use them as Xmas tree ornaments?!) I started saving the ones that held meaning to me a few years ago. To avoid being obnoxious about it in a “LOOK AT MY [participant] MEDALS” sort of way, it hangs in a room of the house no one else dares set foot in. The laundry room!

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